September 25, 2015

INGEMEL S.A. LLC is a customer service oriented firm that seeks to provide the client with the utmost cost-effective yet premium engineering services. The services provided combine and integrate different engineering disciplines and responsibilities along with modern technology to satisfy the client’s needs. INGEMEL S.A. LLC solely works with highly reputable professionals that are constantly enhancing their knowledge and expertise that assures compliance with institutional, corporate, governmental, environmental, international and local codes and standards applicable to each project.

Ingemel S.A. is an internationally recognized multi-disciplinary engineering firm.  We are  a leading MEP  (Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing) energy engineering  group focused on using our resources to meet the customers criteria providing energy efficient, environmental and safety compliant solutions.

Our uniquely qualified, service-oriented, in-house team of knowledgeable professional experts, allow us to excel in all services described throughout our portfolio.

Over 38 years of experience in the energy and engineering business help us  take a project from concept to completion, delivering  state-of-the-art custom designed  cost-effective engineering solutions, with an extraordinary level of service through out the process, outstanding customer satisfaction, and optimal energy consumption levels.