engineering services

       Ingemel S.A. is an internationally recognized multi-disciplinary  engineering firm. We are a leading MEP (Mechanical Electrical &  Plumbing) energy engineering group focused on using our resources to  meet the customers criteria providing energy efficient, environmental and  safety compliant solutions.

  Our uniquely qualified, service-oriented, in-house team of knowledgeable professional experts, allow us to excel in all services described throughout our portfolio.

Over 38 years of experience in the energy and engineering business help us take a project from concept to completion, delivering state-of-the-art custom designed cost-effective engineering solutions, with an extraordinary level of service through out the process, outstanding customer satisfaction, and optimal energy consumption levels.

projects which our team has participated

  • Hotels and large (High Rise) residential complexes-Hospitals, clinics and other health care centers – private
    and government owned.
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, research and quality assurance laboratories.
  • Large biotechnology, vaccines and manufacturing plants.
    High technology industries such as: plastics; food processing; large poultry and fowl processing; long term
    frozen and refrigerated storage; potatoes and yucca processing plants, etc.
  • industrial high tech germination of
    seeds for the flower growing industries.
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries.
  • Tire processing and recap industries.
  • Shopping malls-High rise office buildings, convention centers, world trade centers, public assembly areas, etc.
  • Institutional buildings – government buildings, schools and universities, prisons and other reform and detention
  • Central data processing centers.
  • Casinos; discotheques; cinemas and performing art theatres.
  • TV, cable and broadcasting studios Military and central investigation headquarters Long term perishable food refrigerated storage centers (up to 100,000 square feet)

services rendered

Our skills and expertise allow us to serve the customer in all phases of the project:

Preliminary and Initial Project Designs

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project management
  • Preliminary designs-includig budget estimates
  • Technical support during the different phases
  • Technical and Economical Evaluations
  • Sustenance of projects before approval
  • Seminars and technical courses

Final Phases of the Projects

  • Detailed design
  • Project Management
  • Auditing or Technical Direction
  • Equipment Purchasing Management and acquisition
  • Commissioning and Validation
  • Construction and installation “Design & Built”, and the “Fast Track Jobs

Post-Construction Phases of the Projects

  • Remote or “in-house” Operation supervision and monitoring.
  • Integral maintenance of mechanical, electrical and electronic systems.
  • Technical conferences and specialized training courses.

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