Mechanical and Plumbing Engineering

Our staff can provide all services required to enhance the energy performance of our Customers’ new or existing facilities.

energy & environmental engineering

Medium And Large District Cooling Plants.
Hydronic Systems: Hot Water, Steam, Thermal Oil, Chilled Water
Central Vacuum Systems
Pneumatic And Compressed Air Systems
Industrial And Commercial Refrigeration
Industrial Kitchens And Laundries
Heat Recovery And Heat Transfer
Thermal Storage
Heat Recovery Systems
Fire Extinction And Protection Systems
Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems
Hydraulic And Plumbing Systems: Hydro-Pneumatics,
Constant Pressure, Variable Volume, Septic Tanks,
Irrigation Systems, Etc.
Air Conditioning Systems: Ventilation And Exhaust Systems,
Filtration, Pressurization Of Classified Areas, Escape Stairways,
Heating, Humidification, Dehumidification And
Adiabatic Chilling Systems.