Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings

Commercial facilities especially large shopping malls require detail consideration for a correct design. Air-conditioning systems for the enclosed mall, central cooling and or heating plants, leasing arrangements that may include provisions so that there is no detrimental effect on conservation (such as allowing excessive lighting and outdoor air or deleting requirements for economizer systems), food court areas that require Odor control, outdoor air requirements, kitchen exhaust, heat removal, and refrigeration equipment, tenant s equipment pre- sizing and other items must be taken into account when designing the facility so that the building is guided toward better energy efficiency, and a sustainable flexible facility.

Ingemel S.A. LLC expertise in Central Plants, District Heating Cooling, Thermal Storage, Energy Efficient & Leed Designs, Analysis and Evaluations, allows us to give you the best technological economical solution in your new construction or renovation.

Some of our most representative Business Facilities customers:

  • Fort Bragg Mini-Mall – Falleteville, North Carolina
  • Pines Park Plaza – Pembroke Pines Florida
  • Colinas Mall – Dominican Republic
  • Dollar Store – Miami, Florida
  • Seaboard Marine – Miami, Florida
  • Miami Sea Aquarium – Miami, Florida
  • Ferreteria Ochoa – Dominican Republic
  • Pine Crest Gym – Coral Gables, Florida
  • Paulies Gelato – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • CVS Pharmacies – Vero Beach, Florida
  • Euro Rooms – Weston, Florida
  • Tropical Air Terminals – Belize
  • Davie Travel Center – Davie, Florida
  • Tire Kingdom – Miami, Florida
  • President Supermarket – Hialeah, Florida
  • Footcare Express – Aventura, Florida
  • Lancano Juice & Cofee – Dania Beach, Florida
  • Southern Wines & Spirits – Miramar, Florida
  • Fort Street Tourism Village – Belize
  • Bridge Enterprises – Miami, Florida
  • Benny’s Superstore – Belize
  • D’angelo Ristorante – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Romkie’s Restaurant –Miami Beach, Florida
  • Wings Plus – Weston, Florida
  • Princess Juliana Airport – San Marteen
  • Juanes Restaurant – Miami, Florida
  • Big 47 – Restaurant – Miami, Florida
  • Milam’s Market – Miami, Florida
  • Milam’s Market – Coral Springs
  • Banyan Plaza – Miami, Florida
  • Tony Roma’s – Miami, Florida
  • Danzas DHL – Puerto Rico