Thinking of cogeneration for your facility? What fuels to use? What energy forms to produce? How to address environmental issues? How will electric industry restructuring affect your facility? We can be an asset to your cogeneration project.

The Ingemel group has the required expertise in preparing feasibility studies, planning and constructing new or replacement facilities.

Although energy efficiency is a very important first step, reducing environmental impact is critical. During the design stage, Ingemel includes careful technical and economical analysis, and uses natural resources to provide energy independence and price stability. Natural resources previously used to produce clean energy in our designs, include digester gas, landfill gas, Biomass, Wind and solar energy.

If you are already generating electricity onsite, through steam turbines, gas turbines or internal combustion engines we could help you design and implement high efficiency. From stacks waste heat, using new leading edge technology—Heat recovery systems we can generate steam, hot water, and/or chilled water to meet your process and Air Conditioning requirements. We can even help your energy production plant to increase its efficiency by generating more electricity with the appropriate use of recovered waste heat.

Recent Cogeneration Projects in which Ingemel has participated:

  • Parkdale
  • Textufil
  • Elcatex
  • Geotérmica Ahuachapan
  • Hilcasa
  • Cayman Dive Lodge

Vertical Markets

Condominiums Pharmaceutical Office Buildings
Education Facilities Mission Critical Hospitality
Entertainment Commercial Industry

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