About Us

engineering services

       Founded in 1971 by its participating partner and current CEO, Mr. German Morales MME.. Mr. Morales envisioned the creation of a company that would perform integral engineering services in highly technological areas. After several years of extensive academic training, obtained from New York City University in different areas of mechanical and environmental engineering; coupled with his work experience in highly recognized international consulting and mechanical contractor firms based in New York City, he created Ingemel S.A. based in Colombia South America.

The original company confronted challenges such as the need to develop and adjust new technologies in industrializing countries; some still in experimental stages. Unique challenges allowed the execution of successful projects during a critical scenario of international economic unrest and oil crisis within parameters of rational and optimal use of energy resources.

Successful results and the need to fulfill requirements of demanding clients and markets, prompted the directors to establish other affiliated companies, and to perform additional and supplementary activities in the construction and engineering of technological projects. Some of these activities included: design and construction of pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, Hi-Tech industrial plants, hotels and hospitals; office buildings and commercial properties among others.

Our Portfolio of services incremented to cover: industrial architecture, structures, water treatment plants, building management intelligent electronic systems and because of the high-technology involved, post construction services such as: commissioning, validation, integral maintenance and in-house operation of systems, were also provided.

These comprehensive activities have permitted the group to perform “Total Turn Key Projects” under Design-Build contracts for many different types of jobs. In the year 2000, the company expanded its operations to South Florida, where we have been serving the local and international markets successfully ever since.

We offer valued customer services in design, installation and construction management of: MEP including A/C and refrigeration, energy engineering, green buildings, co-generation, heat recovery and building automation for a variety of applications such as: mission critical facilities, data centers, hospitality, residential, commercial, industrial and healthcare facilities.